Triad lessons are 60-minute lessons shared among three students. These lessons are designed strategically to give young pianists additional exposure to music fundamentals, greater confidence, peer accountability, and accelerated development in piano skills.


How it works

The 60 minutes are split into three rotating stations.

  1. One-on-one lesson with the teacher (20 minutes)
    This is the traditional piano lesson. Read more about piano lessons with Kelsey here.
  2. Practice/reinforcement time at the digital piano (20 minutes)
    This portion of the lesson is spent on specific exercises, drills, sight-reading, and repertoire, which are pre-selected by the teacher for each student weekly. 
  3. Theory/technology/application time (20 minutes)
    Music concepts are reinforced with appropriate theory assignments, tech games, composer history, etc. Kelsey hand-picks these assignments for students each week to supplement current repertoire and skills.

 *When there is common ground, Triad students will collaborate on shared projects and activities.

Why it works

Students WIN every time with this format. Each student in a Triad group gets a weekly, one-on-one lesson with the teacher – plus time to apply new skills before they even walk out the door. This means quicker growth, more clarity, and increased confidence.

Gotta know more?

Read this blog post about why Kelsey decided to implement Triad lessons in 2016 – and what actually happens when 10 minutes of one-on-one time are “lost” each week.

Ready to go? Get in touch here, and Kelsey will let you know if there are any current openings.