Hey, new piano parent!

You just enrolled your child in piano lessons, and I know what you’re most nervous about: Practice.

Your chid’s new teacher emphasized the importance of practicing at your consult and your first lesson, and now your child has come home with some shiny new piano books and it’s time to make this thing happen. There are many facets to a successful practice session, but from the start, I recommend one thing to every single student who comes in my door, and it is ABSOLUTELY the number one indicator of practice success that I have seen in my studio.

Students who do this one thing: learn more quickly, have more fun at the piano, get more out of their lessons, and  stick with piano lessons for a much longer.

Not to mention, this is also the NUMBER ONE way to avoid practice battles (“But MAHHHHM, I don’t WANT to practice!”) This gives you an automatic, simple and virtually unarguable answer every single time.

And – good news – even if you’ve been at this thing for a long time, you can still start doing this now. Like most things, it’s easier to start at the beginning, but if that ship has sailed and you’re sick of arguing about practice time, give this a try.

Are you ready? Boy, with all this hype, it better be revolutionary, yes?

Hate to disappoint, but it’s not. You already do this with about a hundred other parts of your child’s life.

You need a practice routine. A non-negotiable, set in stone time (best if it’s the same time every day) that is reserved only for piano practice. Decide on the time, and make a verbal agreement with your child that that time will be only used for piano practice.

Better than a verbal agreement? A written one. I just designed this little “contract” and I’m planning to send it home with every new piano family who enters my studio. It’s just that important! Download the pdf below, and get your routine nailed down!

Click image to download

A note: Obviously, difficult weeks happen, and no child will have a perfect practice week every single week. But, just like anything, if the habit is not in place, it’s a lot easier to find excuses not to practice.

Now go practice! 😉

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